Different Chinese tattoos and Meanings

Three Chinese characters ' Fu Lu Shou ' mean prosperity and luck embedded on man's side.When you decide to have a Chinese tat embedded on your skin, you should have clearly understood that the symbol or script that you have chosen should absolutely match perfect Chinese tattoos and meanings that you want.  These Chinese tats are more often so intricate that you have to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion in order to verify the correct meaning of each symbol that you have chosen.

While it may be true that Chinese tats exude a very striking look, there are only a few people that can read and comprehend the Chinese symbols accurately.  Even if only a few thousand in Chinese symbols are being used today, in the field of reading and writing, there are approximately 80,000 characters being utilized in the Chinese language.

Many of these characters are no longer active these days, but because of this, it’s possible that you will end up selecting a particular symbol that is not correct as far as Chinese tattoos and meanings are concerned.  It could mean something totally different from what you think it is.  The numerous symbols that look similar with each other make Chinese tats and their meanings very hard to understand.

Girl with Chinese tattoo at back is sitting on the stair.

For your information, each symbol found in the Chinese script indicates a full word, and when you make a slight variation in strokes anywhere in the phrase or sentence, you could erroneously imply a totally different word.  In case you mistakenly obtain a Chinese tat that denotes something weird, then, very few people will discover the difference.

Remember that your Chinese tattoos and meanings would be engraved on your body permanently, so, you should never compromise on its correct meaning.  Also, you should know the existence of 2 primary types of Chinese scripts being used in creating Chinese tats and their corresponding meanings.

In the case of Kanji Script, it is something that is most popularly used to indicate Chinese tats and their meanings pertaining to the West.  In this particular script, if you utilize a single symbol, it will denote a complete idea rather than just a word.  The bad situation of translating these tattoos into erroneous meanings is done more likely because the tat artists are getting mixed-up in correct ideas.

A woman shows her Chinese script and tribal dragon tattoos at her back in the room.

An incomplete stroke or a mistake in the shade of thickness may have been committed by the tat artist that caused an entirely different perception in the Chinese tattoos and meanings.  “Kanji” is actually a Japanese term, and this indicates that the Chinese script has been used in the Japanese culture.

In the case of “Hanzi” script, it is not like the Kanji script in the sense that it is more distinguished as a traditional Chinese script.  Hanzi is primarily used in the Chinese culture, and it is containing more characters than Kanji.  However, on the other hand, Hanzi uses only a few thousand Chinese symbols that is why it is more difficult to learn how to read and write using this script.

Therefore, if you are decided in getting a Chinese script tat that meets the correct standards of Chinese tattoos and meanings, you can use the symbols for beauty, wisdom, love, strength or power.

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